mid winter christmas & some little pies

It’s not the prettiest wee thing is it?

Can’t blame photo technique on that.. these turned out pretty ugly. They definitely need a good dusting of icing sugar…

But hey Christmas Fruit Mince Pies are always a little odd right? With a midwinter Christmas party on the agenda I thought I’d give them a go. Nothing like a little festive spirit during these cold winter days.

While making them I couldn’t stop thinking about Christmas! I love a little warm mince pie dusted with icing sugar, alongside a cup of tea in those weeks leading up to Christmas.

There are a number of reasons I chose to make these at this time of year..

1) Midwinter Christmas party calls for something Christmas-y. Just like last year
2) I never get a chance to make these over summer because the ones Mum serves (her friend makes them while she makes  truffles) are so darn good.
3) The recipe for the fruit mince makes HEAPS, so I thought I’d seal half of it and use it to make pies for Christmas this year, as it’s with J’s family (yeah apparently it gets better the longer it sits around as the brandy infuses the fruit).
4) They’re just better in winter!

I’m not going to post the recipe. I know not many people are actually fans.. And there are tons of recipes online – pick your favourite. Basically mix up some Christmas mince (dried fruit, apples, orange zest, brandy etc) and soak for a couple of days. Roll out some sweet pastry and cut circles to press into muffin or pie tins. Fill with fruit mince and top with a pastry star. Bake for 20minutes on 170 degrees Celcius. Serve warm dusted with icing sugar.

I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with pastry. Some days it turns out wonderfully, creating a crisp light tart shell. Other days it shrinks likes you wouldn’t believe. Yeah.. this was one of those times.. I’m putting it down to overhandling. I rerolled the pastry to cut the stars for the first batch.. I wouldn’t recommend that, unless you want shrunken stars!

Nevertheless, with a little dusting of icing sugar, at least these will bring some festive spirit to the Christmas party.

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