barley flour scones

I am on a bit of a Good to the Grain venture. I have three recipes to attempt over the next few days, beginning with morning tea for husband and I.

Strawberry Barley Scones – using barley flour, molasses sugar and homemade jam. Except I didn’t use strawberry jam. I substituted for plum and blackberry made by our.. I guess you could say, ‘adopted grandma’. Darling Marj! Every summer she picks berries from the wild bushes on the farm and makes jam, chutney, marmalade. We were blessed to be a recipient for our last wedding anniversary while house-sitting at the farm.

We sat in silence, munching quietly on our chewy but light as air scones. Nutty, sweet and fruity, these take scones and jam to.. yes, I’ll say it again, a whole new level! Homemade jam, warm and caramelised around the edges, was the winner in these, along with the distinctly creamy sweet barley flour.

Perfect for morning tea with a Rocket espresso.

Plum and Blackberry Barley Scones – recipe found in Good to the Grain by Kim Boyce. I can’t emphasize enough how worthwhile purchasing this book is! It can be bought easily in NZ from Fishpond (free shipping!)

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