a day trip & some family findings

We spent yesterday in Auckland with J’s family. A day of stunning spring (almost!) weather, delicious food and fantastic company.

Here are some facts about the beautiful family I have married into, some of which I learnt yesterday.

1. My uncle owns an award winning cafe with supurb food (no kidding), strong coffee and very neat decor. So good was our lunch we couldn’t resist returning for dessert before heading south back home.
Urban Soul, Manukau.

2. My youngest brother in law likes nutella. It was for his birthday that we were in Auckland. So I made this 😀
Dark chocolate cake with hazelnut icing, filled with vanilla bean cream. Not gonna rave about it (oh except that icing was pretty darn good), but it was a pleasure to make.

3. My family like their espresso short and strong.

4. My husband was in the newspaper when he was 15. For bodybuilding!

5. My mother in law has a fantastic collection of teacups. Mismatching, floral and gold trim. So far I am the only daughter in law so.. Well, lets just say I’m just going to continue dreaming about having this in my cabinet one day 😛

6. My father in law likes a spontaneous glass of wine. Especially at the new trendy bars on the Auckland Viaduct. We’re not gonna deny, we love a good wine, especially at a cute bar like Urban Turban, so did not hesistate at the opportunity.

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