Simple mushroom tagliatelle

At the Tauranga markets last weekend we implored the Italian at the Pastamia stall to give us advice on cooking the perfect Italian pasta dish. We had picked up a bag of the hugest, freshest locally grown mushrooms from the stall next door, and a couple of nests of fresh handmade tagliatelle from his, and needed some inspiration.

In his oh-so-beautiful Italian accent he enlightened us. As with all Italian meals, simple is best.

Creamy mushrooms on fresh tagliatelle

Slice a few big mushrooms and saute with a large spoonful of garlic, and a good knob of butter (a good knob, this ain’t no diet food!). Add cream and boil down until sauce has thickened. Meanwhile boil the fresh pasta (with plenty of salt) for 4 minutes. When al dente, drain and add the pasta, with a little of the cooking water, to the mushrooms. Stir, allowing pasta to continue cooking and absorb the creamy mushroom sauce. Season well.

Simple perfection.

We really cannot wait to travel Italy and embrace their mantra of simplicity.

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