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Canada, in one week. Yes, I am excited, but also starting to feel the effects of saying goodbye to the things and people we love here in New Zealand. Some of which are…

♥ Whittakers Dark Ghana. Pretty much our standby chocolate for baking, garnishing and just plain nibbling with a tea for supper. Thank you Whittakers for being perhaps the most valuable 1kg of our 23kg limit. (Please, any recommendations for a Canadian alternative?)

♥  Seagulls. Despite my bird phobia since the magpie + road bike incident, these seagulls are very characteristic of Kiwi summer beach trips and picnics. Thank you seagulls for.. well, for ensuring the beach isn’t too quiet. And that no leftover fish and chips go to waste.

♥  The ingredients that have become so familiar to me, and so unique to New Zealand. Thank you Edmonds for providing ingredients, inspiration and recipe books to New Zealanders for over 130 years.

♥ New Zealand sheep, and perhaps more so, the merino wool clothes they are destined to become (uh, sorry!). I will no doubt regret not buying more of this stuff when I am importing it to Canada in the middle of the winter. Thank you sheep for, well making warm clothes. And having such darn cute babies.

♥  The people: our friends, co-workers, church and mentors. For the many dinners, cups of teas, and cocktails we have enjoyed,  for welcoming us into your homes on cold winter evenings, and joining us on the deck for summer drinks and nibbles – thank you.

♥  The funny spread that (some) New Zealanders are so hooked on – the current shortage of which is creating a national crisis! Thank you Marmite for mouse traps.

♥ New Zealand home cooks. Alison and Simon Holst have provided fail proof recipes for my family and I for many years. Thank you Alison and Simon for your ultimate NZ Bread Book, one of my most used cookbooks, which will surely be sneaking its way into my suitcase.

♥ My family – the one thing that will prevent Canada from ever really feeling like home. Thank you Mum and Dad for showing off New Zealand to me, and for always being here to come home to. 

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  1. Oh, all these wonderful things make me homesick… All the very best Christina and Jesse! We are so excited for your future and maybe one day we might be able to come and visit 🙂

  2. Good luck for Canada! I’ve been living away from my countryhome since 2004…it is truly a great experience with a lot of tears and laughter but I’m sure you won’t regret it 🙂

  3. A touching post!! I completely agree that there are so many things to love and cherish about New Zealand. I can tell you that Canada has no shortage of seagulls or chocolate, although the good chocolate may be slightly harder to find. There is a chocolate line made in Edmonton called “Kirstin’s Chocolates” that is pretty amazing. My standard go-to slabs for baking and nibbling were from the “President’s Choice” line, which you can get from any Superstore. Thinking of you two as you say your last goodbyes this week… and make last preparations for your epic journey ahead! <3

  4. Wow thank you all! The support and encouragement is fantastic. Mel – thanks!! I will totally look for exactly those brands of chocolate. Haha, Superstore. Oh I have so much to learn. And I can’t wait 🙂

  5. Hi Christina.
    I’ve finally posted a comment on your blog! What a wonderful read – I can see a recipe book coming up: “Canada and New Zealand Fusion”
    Thinking and praying for you as you fill in the last days in NZ! I can’t wait to read about your life in Canada!
    Love and blessings, Gillian

  6. Oh my god, it came around so fast! Have a safe trip to Canada. So great you get to take all these wonderful memories of New Zealand with you. Look forward to following your new adventures in your new life. 🙂

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