how to: brioche buns in tin cans

Remember these tin can plants? And these tin can cakes? Sick of tin can ideas already?

tin can brioche

Well I’m not. We are trying hard to keep waste to a minimum here (seeming as it all just goes to the big dump pile at the end of the road) but it is SO hard. We use only dried lentils and beans, and choose jars over cans wherever possible, but boy – our recycle bin just gets increasingly full. Even our ‘recycling’ has to be barged down to another city. Uh diesel emissions? Fuel costs? Makes you wonder if its better for the environment to just bury them with all the other trash!

Our windowsill is lined with tin can plants, but I’m starting to run out of ideas to recycle these, to at least give them a second use before becoming part of the landscape. I’ve been wanting to try baking bread in them for awhile but I had no idea where to start. So when the Little & Friday cookbook arrived in the mail for my birthday last week (thankyou Ben and Rach!), with a photo of brioche buns perfectly baked in tin cans, I was instantly inspired.

tin can brioche

Using the brioche recipe from the book (the softest, most buttery brioche ever) and my kale pesto, I made an adaption of Kim Evan’s savory brioche scrolls baked, not quite to perfection, in tin cans. They were fun, messy and delicious. There’s not much of a recipe to post here. Basically make your favorite brioche dough, leave to rise until double in size. Stretch out into a large rectangle. Smother with pesto, sprinkle with some goodies (feta, sundried tomatoes, olives, basil, spinach leaves, cheese etc) and roll tightly. Cut log and push each scroll into a well greased, paper-lined tin (it’s easier to wrap the brioche in paper then drop into the tin). Bake until golden brown and oozing the contents down the can’s sides. We froze the leftover scrolls for work lunches and I expect they will be just an incredible once defrosted and warmed slightly.

Jesse and I packed these up with some white wine and oatmeal cookies for some quality time (at long last) by the river. We spent hours chatting beneath the late evening sun, sipping from plastic cups, peeling layers off of our savory scrolls and nibbling on chewy, nutty, fresh-out-of-the-oven cookies. We also played around a bit with the camera, will post some of our photo shoot tomorrow.

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  1. So cute! I’ve been trying to reduce/reuse before recycling as well, but it does get to a bit of a crazy point at times. I try to boil my own bean etc now in a big lot and then freeze, but it does take the variety out a little!

    • I know right! I guess the ideal would be to just not buy stuff that comes in crazy packaging. We are shocked by some packaging huh – like individually plastic-wrapped prunes!

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