easy weeknight meals: tortilla pizzas

Oh the challenge of the quick and easy weeknight meal..

a quick weeknight meal - tortilla pizzas (nectarine & basil, and tomato & arugula)

I admit, I’m taking a while to adjust to the 8 til 5 work day of the working woman. I definitely took the student lifestyle for granted! Oh how I miss having the freedom to prep dinner in between my few classes, and taking breaks from my assignment-writing to knead, roll, rise, bake and clean up. It does prove a challenge to find the time either side of the work day to work through my growing list of must-trys and stay creative in the kitchen.

Like the days I arrive home from work, so intent on a new dessert creation, that it hits 8pm and Jesse is wondering if we really are having cake for dinner. You have those days right? No? It’s just me?

tortilla pizzas with jalapenos and lime

Oh, you must have learnt about the 5pm Panic Meals already, those dinners that take less than half an hour from prep to consumption. Why did you not tell me? Instead I throw recipes at you, like gnocchi, pumpkin galettes, and boston baked beans. I apologise – I now understand that no-working-woman really has time to roll and chill pastry between 5pm and when the hunger-grumps set in. Which, for me, tends to be round 5.05pm…

nectarine, basil and balsamic reductions

But tortilla pizzas I do have time for. One evening last week I made a big batch of tortillas, this time from Annie’s Eats, which went straight into the freezer. A few days later, a simple topping of goats cheese, sliced tomatoes and baby arugula on one, and nectarine, basil and balsamic reduction on the other and we had the perfect dinner, nailed in all of about 15 minutes. Its a great way to spend the time after work – with the honey enjoying crispy pizzas, a glass of wine and very few dishes awaiting cleanup.

tomato tortilla pizza topped with baby arugula

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