homemade peanut butter

We’ve become peanut butter snobs. I only noticed this when I first tried peanut butter in Canada. It is sweet! The general off-the-shelf, Skippy’s here has added sugar, making for a sweet spread, rather than the nutritious nutty spread I am used to.

I guess I just prefer peanut butter with one ingredient.. Not the 7 that Skippy’s has.

So. Snobs we are – we make our own. Grab a bag of peanuts. Chuck in the food processor (or blender) and leave to whirr for a good 5 minutes. Enjoy the purest peanut butter you can get.

peanut butter

Jesse’s become hooked on this, making the most delicious almond butter as well. Oh goodness. You can’t beat raw and natural almond butter, swiped with a finger off the side of the processor. It is so naturally sweet I cannot understand what Skippy’s was thinking.


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  1. Oh wow! I’m definitely a peanut butter snob esp. for the most natural kinds but now I’ll just make it at home. I love this and can’t wait to try it. I’ll have to say sorry to my little squirrel clan I’ve befriended because I’ll be digging into their stash I feed them. ;)
    Great post…thank you!

  2. For good natural peanut butter in a jar, try Adams brand (glass jar with blue lid and label)… but I have a feeling that it won’t compare to homemade! I definitely need to try this with almonds (almond butter is ridiculously expensive!).

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