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THE most funny looking animal is also one of the most delicious and nutritious. I am yet to see one in person – alive anyway. I have seen, touched, cooked and eaten moose meat, as of last weekend.

Much to Jesse’s amusement. He always said “when we move to the arctic you’re going to eat MOOSE!” I profusely denied such an idea.


But you know what? It’s totally normal here. Fortunately I am moving past my aversion to meat-heavy dishes, realizing what a vital source of protein and nutrients lean red meat provides – especially important during the long months that my vegetable garden hibernates beneath 6 feet of snow.

A 100g serving of moose meat has only 100 calories, no carbohydrates and a whopping 22grams of protein. It is so low in fat (less than 0.5g per 100g) that oil is absolutely necessity for cooking, lest you be scraping moose off the frying pan. One of our dinner guests explained that man cannot live off moose alone as he would rapidly lose weight due to the leanness of the meat. Fortunately we had some good EFAs in the form of avocadoes, along with some wholewheat tortillas. Wouldn’t want to be fading away up here! I’m kidding. We are at zero risk of that.


We were blessed with a stack of moose and caribou recently from some fantastic friends of ours, big into hunting. Can’t beat that for oragnic, free range, grass fed, sustainable, animal-rights… Except that the moose did get shot – which I have absolutely no problem with. Meat, fur and hide are so, so vital and so well used in the North.

I’m at a loss as to what to do with moose steaks and a caribou roast (both will require some research) but ground moose – I knew it would make a wonderful chili con carne. Jesse cooked it up with some chipotle chilies in adobo (finally we have access to those! We really were missing out in NZ), tomato paste, green capsicum and red kidney beans. I tossed together a salad and rolled out some fresh flour tortillas to wrap into Moose Burritos. This one, brown-paper wrapped package of ground moose, fresh off the land, served 8 of us (pilots and mechanics) with leftovers the following day.

An extremely resourceful meal. Really, nothing beats living off the land.


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    • Not the photo of the moose. I wish. I’m not having the best luck seeing wildlife around here. Pretty keen to see a muskox. They’ve got to be even more funny looking than the moose.

  1. Mmm, I love burritos. I was wondering when you’d post about eating moose or venison or something like that! I’ve never had moose – was it gamey? Amazing the difference in nutrition from, as you say, organic, free range, grass fed, wild moose versus feedlot beef!

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