the descent of fall

yellow tabled leaves

collecting dead leaves

dead leaves brought to life

Fall. Autumn. Whatever it’s called, it’s majestic. I now understand, New Zealand actually does miss out on this season. I never believed it – “we get brown leaves!” – but when you see an ocean of bright orange, stretching from the dry road up to the crisp, white snow capped mountains you understand what fall colours really are. Fall is not about dead leaves as I always believed. It’s a whole transition of colours, very much alive, but taking on hues of brown, orange, yellow and deep red. Ok, perhaps the leaves are dying, but they do so in such a beguiling manner!


navy and red

green and pink

We ventured out recently, on a warm, still evening and enjoyed the crunch of the leaves, the dappled lighting, the early(ish) sunset and the great, reflective pools of water  – the only evidence of last week’s premature snow storm.



We appreciate having this last snippet of beautiful weather, cloudless blue skies, and temperatures hovering just below 20˚C – much higher than the annual average for this time of year. The early evening has become the best time for photos, the last chance to snap a shot of dinner before the light drops below the edge of our window, and the soft lighting has been great for practicing some portraits, and the odd action shot.

log bridge

jump for autumn

Well aware that the ‘difficulties of winter’ – as we hear about – are due to start over the next few weeks as the period of darkness throughout the night drastically lengthens, we have strived to continue practicing healthy lifestyle habits to ensure they stick with us throughout winter: rising early despite the darkness in the mornings, cranking the bright lights inside to ensure the circadian clock is reset (more on this later), getting out for a bike, stroll or workout during lunch break, taking an evening walk to savor the changing seasons.

We also stumbled upon this wee Toyota which Jesse has been working on. I think the decision to buy this bad boy is one we will not regret, especially when the desire to curl up inside with a slice of cake and a cup of tea overrides that of hiking to the recreation center to join in the fun amidst a never-ending snowstorm. No doubt our social lives (ie avoiding hibernation) may well be enhanced through ownership of a car!


8 thoughts

    • Haha that’s awesome. It’s funny cause it’s totally novel to me, yet after buying it I realised everyone wheres Lululemon here.. It’s so warm and bright – no getting lost on the snow with this on!

  1. Aotearoa does stunning autumns, you just have to fly south for the winters 🙂 Beautiful pics, some sweet skills developing there. I’m looking forward to there now being enough daylight after 5pm to get a chance to photograph food and blog- bring on daylight saving!

    • Ah ha, I see – it’s only in the North Island there’s not much of a show! I think I am going to appreciate the South Island a lot more having been here. I hear there are Southern lights (like our Northern lights, aorora borealis, here) down in Queenstown – I had no idea!

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