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What a treat to receive a parcel in the mail this week, containing these delightful, pastel-colored measuring cups and an encouraging letter from a reader of this blog. When you have a eclectic mix of mismatching, accumulated goods, nothing new and none holding sentimental value (unlike our wedding presents in storage in New Zealand!), you place a whole new value on gifted kitchenware! Thank you Tanya – you made my week, and these sure brighten up my kitchen!

I photographed these while measuring up for a Pecan & Cranberry Pumpkin slice. You won’t be getting the recipe for that slice… Epic failure. First attempt with Stevia and I am not a fan. I think I will stick to my refined sugar (albeit brown – although did you know most off-the-shelf brown sugars are just refined white sugar colored with molasses to look more natural?) after all.

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    • Absolutely made my day! Was grinning from ear to ear when the parcel was delivered to me at work (“I have fan mail!”). I do hope you get your food site up – please flick me a message when you do!

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