Under the Northern Sky

expansive sky

j & the whip

With the cold comes the clear, blue sky. A sky that stretches forever in all directions, a greatness beyond comprehension. It blankets our small town like a woollen throw, embracing us, reminding us how tiny we are, how great He is. The same sky treats us to sun dogs in the morning, aurora borealis by night.

rugged up

This winter has not, in fact, been the cold, dark season we anticipated. We never lost sunlight altogether, with 4 hours of light on the shortest day. It was never completely dark during the day (the snow is incredible at reflecting even the moonlight). We were never stuck in the cold without access to warmth (except that day we ran out of gas!). We are already back to reasonable sunlight hours (9am – 6pm), and once spring comes around we will be onto 12 hours of sunlight. We are definitely excited for another summer but can’t help appreciate the beauty of winter North of 60.


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