wall decal christmas tree {HOW TO}

It’s getting a little festive over here. Well, not much more than a tree shaped sticker on the wall.

oh christmas tree

With some LEDs.

oh christmas tree

A little cardboard star for the top.

oh christmas tree

And some gifts from New Zealand.

oh christmas tree

It’s a stick-on tree for us this year because the logistics of buying a freshly cut tree having just moved to a new city weren’t great (although we just discovered IKEA sells real trees !?) and because our new walls are turquoise. It’s a colour not so fitting for bright red and green, so this year for us it’s white and dark red/orange.

For more Wall Decal Tree ideas check out my Christmas Pinterest board.

Wall Decal Christmas Tree
Makes: at least 1. In fact you could probably make 3 trees with one roll of adhesive.

You will need:
1 roll Contact Adhesive or Adhesive Vinyl in choice of colour (available at Walmart)
ruler (or a long straight object to draw against)
small LED lights

contact paper

First up, accurately design the tree. Mine is 57inches (140cm) high and 27inches (67cm) at it’s widest point (the bottom strip). Draw it out on paper (to scale) before sketching it on the adhesive paper. Using the grid (0.5 inch squares) on the back of the adhesive paper, draw up and cut out the triangle outline. I cut off three lengths (about 70cm long) of roll and laid one above the other to get a tree that is wider than the roll. Each strip was 5 grid lines high (2.5 inches) with 2 grid lines (1 inch) in between each strip. Don’t forget to cut out a tree trunk!

Stick to wall and peel off the 1 inch strips between each of the main strips. Use a teatowel or slightly damp cloth to press adhesive to the wall and remove bubbles. The adhesive is designed to peel off super-easy so no fear of the wall paint flaking off (I did test it to be sure).

stick on tree

I found some very cheap LED lights at a homeware outlet store that run off battery – perfect when there is no power socket nearby – which I strung up using tape to hold. They also happen to have 6 hour display timing which is all the more festive.


its getting a little festive over here

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    • And you can totally do any design. I used a soft peel off vinyl sticker which wasn’t at risk of taking off any paint.

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