DIY Wall Hanger for Bike

Over this past summer, I was using my road bike daily and needed a secure storage spot that allowed for quick access to the front door. Without a garage I opted to keep my bike on the wall of our living room (making it the most expensive art in the house!) and was wanting a budget friendly and recycled, yet classy way to do so. I had seen the concept of using handlebars to hang bikes and decided on this variation. It cost me approximately $30 to build two and less than two hours of labour.


  • handlebar and stem (I picked these up from a second hand bike store in Calgary, Good Life Bikes)
  • floor flange for 1 inch pipe
  • 4 wood screws
  • 4 – 6 inch long nipple at 1 inch
  • 2 recycled tubes (I had just replaced mine before Ironman so used the old ones)
  • handlebar plugs (these were free at Good Life Bikes)
  • bar tape
  • stud finder

How to:

1. Thread the handlebar onto the stem (this sounds really simple but when buying mismatching parts it can be really hard to find a stem that the handlebar fits into!). Tighten.

2. Cut the tube in half and cut off the valve. Starting at the open end of the handlebar, leave about 1 inch hanging off the end and wrap each end of the handlebar in the tube, overlapping slightly. You may not quite have enough to do both handles – if you run out halfway through one of the handle, use the second tube (valve also removed) to wrap over the first tube and then over itself to hide the join.

3. Trim the tube evenly on both sides – use handlebar tape to secure these ends and finish it off nicely.

4. Tuck the one inch of tube into the opening and push a plug in to secure it.

5. Locate a stud, drill holes and screw the flange to the wall using whatever screws you have on hand (but really they should be at least 2 inch long, flat head, wood screws).

6. Screw the nipple into the flange.

7. Push the stem into the nipple and tighten it using the socket that runs down the centre of the stem. Push the rubber cap on to cover the stem opening. Here you may want to move the handlebars into the best position to hold your bike, by unscrewing the bolt on the stem and swinging the handlebars closer towards or further from the wall.

8. Hang your bike and enjoy your new wall art.




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