Just some food and photos from a Kiwi in Canada.

Our first year in Canada was spent in the far North (NWT) just shy of the arctic circle. Although we loved the wilderness, the midnight sun and exposing the community to wholesome food we are sure grateful for the food-luxuries that living in a big city brings.

Interested in the small cafe I set up in Norman Wells? Or just wanna hear a funny kiwi accent? Click on the following links:




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  1. What a gift (from a good friend) to have stumbled upon your blog Christina, I can attest that your fruit tarts at the art exhibition last week were simply stellar! Thank you for including the recipe in your blog. I look forward to more great inspiration & your photos are a pure delight to the eye!

  2. Hi, Christina! Sorry I couldn’t find your email address – I had a quick question about the header image on your blog. We are planning to organize a block party and were playing with an idea of making t-shirts. I thought something simple like your header could be perfect. If you don’t mind sharing – did you draw it yourself or is there a font that could be downloaded by people who don’t know how to draw…?

  3. I empathise with you and love your sentiments – I also have challenges sourcing and growing food here in the Outer Hebrides. I thought I could cook before I moved here, but I’ve learned to be much more resourcful because I have to be. I look forward to following you and reading about your delicious recipes. PS, I’m with Jesse. Coffee is king!

    • Hebrides! Wow – had to google that. How cool. I can only guess you have good espresso even there – being Europe after all. We miss it big time but have found the Italian press does the trick while we are here. Thanks for stopping by – appreciate the note 😀

  4. Hi Christina, I came across your blog last week after seeing your red wine cupcake recipe on pinterest (they’re delicious by the way). I’m really enjoying reading about your adventures in the NWT. If you’re ever in the Toronto area let me know, I’ll send you a list of foodie sites to see 🙂

  5. Hi Christina, I just stumbled upon your blog in my search for a healthy icing recipe… what a lucky find! Your sea change sounds like such a fun (if not freezing cold!) adventure, and I love your natural approach to food and life. I have decided my new goal for 2013 is try all of your recipes… starting with carrot cake! 🙂

  6. HI Christina !
    I’m searching for a Canadian source for Heilala Vanilla Paste and products .. And your blog is the only Canadian reference I managed to find ! Did you bring it with you when you came here … do you have any suggestions on finding it in Canada or know of a retailer who ships here ?
    BTW , awesome blog , and you are very brave to undertake such an adventure … I’m Canadian and I’m not sure I’d make such a northern attempt ( but it sure sounds like the food is worth it ! )

    • Hi Cate. Yes my mother sent it over from New Zealand. I would recommend contacting Heilala through their website to see if they ship, but to be honest I’m sure there are great retailers of vanilla here in Canada. A Nothern visit is well worth it – quite unlike anything else in Canada (or the world).

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