big community in a small town

Community is big in this small town. I hear it’s essential during the long winter, to lure people from their homes into the warmth of others’, and to keep spirits up when no one has seen real sunlight for 3 months.

Yet in the middle of summer, community is just as valuable. With the sun out so late, time really gets away and it is easy to see a whole evening pass without a glance at the watch. Girls gather on Saturday evenings for cold drinks and baked treats, small groups pack up the bikes and kids and head up to the nearby ridge for a Sunday afternoon picnic, and new friends gather in the lounge for relaxed Sunday night burgers, frozen yoghurt and a bit of a singalong as the evening progresses.

It has been a joy to discover that foodies are no different up here! The same love for baking, tasting, improvising and displaying is ever-present amongst my new friends. I tell you, I feel right at home, indulging in homemade pita pockets (not made by me this time) with fresh hummus and Swiss cheese fondue, fresh seeded burger buns with homemade black bean patties, finished off with tangy raspberry cheesecake and peanut-butter yoghurt cake.

Community is the same the world over – it gives, yet it also takes. Those who make the effort will, like us, find joy in the uplifting encouragement it brings, regardless of the season.

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