ethiopian caribou & buckwheat injera

ethipian caribou on buckwheat injera

It is quite the oxymoron but it works. Arctic caribou stew, spiced with the flavours of Ethiopia – smoked paprika, lemon juice, red wine and kicky berbere spices – and served atop injera, a large sourdough crepe-like flatbread made of teff flour. I’m not familiar with teff flour, and was hardly able to dash to the gourmet Arctic grain store. So I ground some buckwheat (easily available in Yellowknife) which gave a similar colour and a great earthy flavour.

The main factor in injera is the sourdough, implanting a beautiful sourness to the bubbly mix. My sourdough starter is about five months old now, alternating between the counter and the refrigerator as it bubbles then hibernates until desire for the next loaf of bread summons. It all but replaces our need for commercial yeast, and allows me to make injera as soon as the inspiration arises.

ethiopian stewed caribou on buckwheat injera

Ethiopian Spiced Lamb Stew (Caribou worked surprisingly well in place of lamb)
Ethiopian Injera Crepes that don’t require flipping are flipping good.
Top with a mix of yogurt, lemon juice and fresh herbs.

I encourage you to try this dish in your own way. Whether you like Ethiopian flavours or not, a meal whereby you eat both your utensils and your plate is always fun. This is best enjoyed in the traditional way – as one large injera, with some little rolled injera on the side, shared over candlelight and red wine. Make some crepes, make a stew and tear into it.

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  1. I make your roti recipe often to use as tortillas, and as I was making the injera I was reminded of your “bowl foodie” comments in that post and figured you would probably like injera. They look great! I wonder what the flavour difference between the buckwheat and teff is.

    • Ha! This IS the ultimate in comfort, bowl food style meals. We had a lot of fun scooping it up by hand and might start doing it more with the Indian (bowl) dishes we do. I wonder – I’d like to try teff sometime. The buckwheat was definitely earthy.. I loved how bubbly the mix got after spending a day on the counter. Thanks for inspiration, yet again!

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