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It’s been well over three years since either Jesse or I went surfing – that’s a long time for us. Having grown up in coastal cities in New Zealand, we both find ourselves overcome at times by the realization that we are well and truly landlocked here. Our only consolation is knowing we can jump on any number of flights (thanks WestJet!) and spend a weekend on the coast.

Which is what we did Friday morning.

happy anniversary
To celebrate our wedding anniversary (five years!) Jesse surprised me with a ticket to Comox – a small town on the coast of Vancouver Island, with a well-thought-out plan to rent a car and cross the island to Tofino, to experience what some consider the best surf in Canada. When Jesse suggested this a few months back I thought it sounded a fine idea, as at the time it was 30 degrees (positive) and clear blue skies.

kelpsurfing in Canada to celebrate 5 years of marriage
To surf in Canada in the middle of winter could border on crazy. But Jesse couldn’t understand how this might seem strange (he surfed year round in Dunedin, with snow falling on the beach and all) and I was eager to experience the energy of the ocean again, and so we donned 5mm wetties with 7mm booties and hoods, rented longboards and hit the waves well before the locals had risen.

checking out the tiny swell

We set out before dawn, determined to catch the surf at its best. Shivering, standing in pouring rain, we observed the surf at each break. The surf was gnarly (large and dumpy) at most of the beaches. Just as the sun was rising we found a little sheltered wave at Mackenzie Beach, a break that only exists when the incoming waves are huge. It happened to be stormy on this weekend, with consistent pouring rain and winds. A small break suited us just fine, especially with the off-shore winds and a wave that peeled all the way to the shore.

geared up

With the sun barely above the horizon we entered the cold waters of the Pacific ocean. The joy of being in the ocean again… I could barely contain my awe. Jesse grinned like a Cheshire cat as we paddled out to the break. The water felt warm! Canadians know how to dress for the cold – the wetsuits were epic at keeping us toasty for the couple of hours we paddled, and floated, and giggled, and rode waves into the shore.

in the shoulder
black sand beach

As always, the best part of the surf was the feed afterwards, and naturally, we hit up the famous Tacofino food truck! The remainder of our weekend was spent exploring Tofino – the food, the hikes, the views, the artisan chocolate, the local brew coffee, the salty air and the dampness reminiscent of NZ… all of it invigorated by our time in the ocean.

stoked on a long-overdue surf

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  1. Congrats on 5 years, you two! What a milestone. And what a fun way to celebrate! There is something very special about Tofino… perhaps the closest thing you can get to NZ while still in Canada?

  2. Happy 5 years! What a fun sounding trip. It’s been years since I was in Tofino, and I’ve never surfed… Definitely gotta get up there again. Also, check out your pipes Christina!

    • Ha! It was so nice to be back on the Island again since our Cowichan trip! Tofino can’t be that far from you.. well worth a visit, but I would recommend doing so in summer.

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