Coconut Sago & Lemon Curd

A taster of summer.

Here’s a little secret favourite of ours during the middle of summer. We had it last night to give this beautiful spring weather the credit it deserves. Boy it took me back to Rarotonga. Don’t you love how food does that?

Coconut Sago
Serves 4

3/4 cup coconut cream
2 Tbsp sugar
5 cups water
1/4 cup sago
fresh fruit or lemon curd to serve (pawpaw is wonderful on this, as are mango, lychees or passionfruit)

Dissolve the sugar in the coconut cream in a pot over a low heat.

In the meantime bring the water to boil in a large saucepan, add the sago and simmer 5 minutes stirring frequently. Turn the heat off, cover the saucepan with a lid and leave for 10 minutes until sago appears translucent.

Drain the sago through a sieve and run cold water through it for a few minutes until cooled.

Stir the sago into the coconut cream and refrigerate until chilled and thick. Serve topped with a dollop of lemon curd, or your chosen fresh fruit.

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  1. It’s awesome eh. I’m super keen for more sago recipes – have you got any? I’ve had a lemon sago before, which must be served in a lemon syrup rather than coconut milk, but am yet to find a recipe for it.

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